Eating Out of Trucks with Mr. Balloon Hands

Portland is known for their amazing food trucks, so while I was there I headed to the trucks for dinner. Most of them were closed, so I headed for the Indian food truck and the taco truck. I wanted to do a sampling of different food items, but of course they had certain amounts that you had to buy of the food, so my sampling turned into a feast. A $10 feast. Their was so much food that I ended up throwing half of it away. For dessert I hit up a Portland institution, VooDoo Donuts. The purple donut was grape flavored and delicious. The Mr. Bill donut was just meh. I’m dreaming of when I can go back to Portland and eat this all again. It was that good!




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4 responses to “Eating Out of Trucks with Mr. Balloon Hands

  1. cjbaugh

    Saw VooDoo Donuts on either the Food Network or Travel Channel. It looked pretty wild. It’s cool that you went there. Happy blogging…

  2. Looks yummy! Take care, Dad.

  3. Looks yummy! Take care, dad.

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