Memorial Day Weekend 2013

For me, I consider summer to officially start on Memorial Day Weekend. For weeks, I’ve been saying, it’s almost here! Memorial Day Weekend is almost here! With dreams of sunshine, live music, sports, and friends every evening. Hence, I had big plans for my Memorial Day weekend. Sleeping in, baseball, sunshine, outdoor festivals, live music. It was going to be heavenly. Instead all I got was a cold and a lot of rain. What happened to the Memorial Day Weekend I’d been dreaming of for weeks???

To be honest though, it really wasn’t much of a bummer weekend overall. I mean I saw the new Star Trek movie (loved it BTW)  went to a Mariners game, started the newest season of Arrested Development, started/finished an entire season of the show Copper and made it rain at rack,nordies and forever 21. Yes, feel free to judge me and my generation for not watching shows as they come out weekly, but instead binge watch them on Netflix in one weekend  *cough day*cough. I’m sorry, but I need the instant gratification of knowing what happens all at once. Plus, I have such a short attention span, if I had to wait a week for another episode I’d likely lose interest.

Anyway, while all of that was happening, something else was happening too. I was getting hit with a cold. Not fun. It started Friday night, thought it was allergies, still acting up some Saturday, but then I felt fine. Sunday I was miserable, likely a side effect of Saturday and the cold, so I spent the day sleeping and taking it easy. Monday though, sweet glorious Monday, I woke up feeling great and on top of the world. I met up with one of my friends downtown to do a little bit of shopping and two hours later I was miserable, my nose was running, I felt tired, and I was turning into a hot sweaty mess. Which are all things that happen to me when I’m sick. I went home and emailed work that I wouldn’t be in today and went to bed. I woke up today feeling just as miserable, but by this evening I had advanced to the “as l0ng as I lay still and don’t move I feel great” stage.  Needless to say I’m also taking tomorrow off as well.

So what’s the point of this long winded post? Just because it wasn’t the weekend I’d been dreaming of and I ended up with a nasty cold, doesn’t mean it still wasn’t great. Welcome to Summer 2013!



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