The Silver Lining’s Playbook

Silver linings playbook


The Silver Linings Playbook is hands down my favorite book I read in 2012. I hadn’t heard of it until I began seeing the previews for the movie. While I still didn’t have any interest in reading the book, I knew that I wanted to see the movie. My mom and I saw the movie together while I was home for the holidays and I loved it. After seeing the movie, I really wanted to read the book!

The day after I saw the movie was also the day that I flew back to Seattle, and would have long flights and long layovers. Which was the perfect setting to read a book. When my plane arrived at O’Hare, I checked out the first bookstore I could find in the airport and grabbed this book. I was so happy that I could find it, and began reading it immediately. I read the entire book almost straight through (minus the time boarding the plane).

I really enjoyed the book and the movie.  They both follow Pat, as he’s been “away” and deals with his adjustment to life back home and follows him as he puts his life back together.

I liked them both equally and this is one of the first books I can say that about. If you’re looking for a good book to read or movie to watch, I highly recommend this one!



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