Monday Morning Thoughts

One of the things I missed (but didn’t at the same time) last winter was true winter weather. Yes, Seattle got about an inch of snow that shut the city down for a week, but that’s because people here don’t know how to handle it. When I was home for Christmas, I was lucky enough to experience a blizzard, and continual snowfall why I was there. I say lucky, because I had no clothes that were appropriate for shoveling, so I was able to dodge that bullet! 🙂

While all this snow was falling, I realized how much I truly love to watch the snow fall. My favorite thing to do in the winter is to sit in a room and stare out the window at night and watch the snow fall. It’s even better if there’s a light and you can see the snow flakes falling into that. Snow fall at night just makes everything prettier. Snow fall at night in the country with the snow falling on trees? Even more magical.

When I saw this quote online talking about snow fall, in the forest, it made me happy and also made me wish I could see snow falling in the forest at least once this winter.

Snow in Woods Thoughts


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