Back in Seattle Again

Anyone have a vague idea what song lyric I’m referencing with that title??? Maybe try replacing Seattle with “The Saddle”…Anyone, enough of that nonsense. After 12 days of Indiana, I finally arrived back home to Seattle late Monday night. Tuesday I decided to work from home when I woke up since I’d mainly be going through email all day. I was definitely right with the emails. 8 hours yesterday and most of today and now I’m finished going through them.

Today was my first day back in the office and it was nice to be back. Today was the day that our office put together gift baskets for women at a homeless shelter here in Seattle. I didn’t have anything with me, so I got to take a mid morning walk up to Target. This was great, because the weather was really nice today, the sun was even shining this morning!!! After I picked up my items for the gift baskets(shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, gum, qtip/vaseline combo pack, socks, hair masks/treatments…I went a little crazy..) I decided to look in the holiday department for a Christmas tree.

Last night I was sitting in my apartment and realized that I wanted a Christmas tree. I guess I think it would make things more festive. I tried talking myself out of it since I’m leaving to go home again in less than three weeks and will be out of town for work next Monday and Tuesday, but it didn’t work. I still really wanted one. So,like any city dweller in an apartment with no storage, I decided to get a small table top tree. When I got to Target, I was sad to find out that they were all sold out. Bummer. Maybe I’ll go on the hunt this weekend, or maybe I’ll just be the apartment without a Christmas tree this year??

While I may not have a Christmas tree this year, I did see something on another blog today that gave me an idea. Instead of doing an advent wreath, this person did 24 days of activites for her and her husband that were all Christmas themed. It got me thinking that instead of looking for a tree, maybe I’ll do that instead. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anyway, this post is starting to get in the rambling stage.

Have a great night!


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