Found it on Pinterest-Sort Of-S’more Candy Apples

My second found it on Pinterest entry wasn’t actually found on Pinterest. I found it in a magazine, but I decided that was close enough. About a month ago I went to Sacramento for work and needed something to read while in the airport, so I settled on the October issue of Country Living. When I opened up the pages, I discovered heaven on a stick, the most glorious thing that has ever been created, the S’more Candy Apples. Why is this such a game changer for me? Well, it all started a long time ago. So long ago that I can’t even remember.

I’ve always loved apples. Apples in any form, whehter it’s apple juice, a crisp and tart granny smith, or an apple dipped in caramel with nuts. I’ve also always loved S’mores. Graham crackers, marshmellows, and chocolate. How can you not like that?? That’s like saying you don’t like bacon. Nobody doesn’t like bacon. Even vegetarians like bacon, and that’s a fact I just made up. Anyway, I feel that I’m getting off topic. We’ve established three things so far:

  1. I love apples
  2. I love s’mores
  3. Everyone likes bacon

With all of that said, it was no big surprise that when I saw S’more Caramel Apples, I was all over that. I’ve never made anything like this before, but I can say that it was very easy, and anyone could do it. If you really want to showboat it, you could probably eat bacon while making them. They’re that easy. They’re also delicious.

You can find the recipe here. You should probably stop reading this and start making them.

Anyway, here’s your poorly taken photo of them. I went fancy and added in some Halloween elements with it.


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