Keeping on the Sunny Side

It’s been interesting the past month or so, because I couldn’t figure out how to explain to people the frustrations that I was having at this current stage in life. Everyone has frustrations with life. Life wouldn’t be life without some type of frustration. For a while, I was frustrated with work, but when taking a step back from that, I realized that I was actually frustrated with Seattle, not work, but seeing as work was the only thing keeping me in Seattle, my frustrations with Seattle became frustrations with work. Then, taking a step back from that, I realized that I do really like Seattle. It’s actually a pretty cool place. When I looked a little further, I realized that it wasn’t work or Seattle that was causing frustration, it was me. Or I should say, it was the fact that I’m adventurous/brave/crazy enough to pack up and go somewhere with my two suitcases and follow an opportunity.

With this spirit of adventure, comes a certain amount of loneliness and frustration. It’s hard starting over and making a new life anywhere, but when you do it completely on your own, it really is a big undertaking. It’s also something not a lot of people will do. Which means you have a certain amount of frustration that will just be there no matter what. But in the end, while I know Seattle isn’t my final stopping place, it’s been pretty good.

To take a step back from these frustrations, I thought I’d  look at some of the great things here for me in Seattle.

Work-it’s pretty good. I get to work for an agency that has a mission I believe in, I have a lot of freedom, and I am able to be creative and explore projects that I think of. Plus, I get to travel. I’ve been to Portland twice, DC and Sacramento.

Seattle- You can see the mountains and ocean EVERYDAY. Plus, it’s green pretty much year round. Also, they have three professional sports teams, and countless concerts and shows here. It’s a pretty cool vibe here.

Life-I’ve got friends, and I have a few groups I belong to. I’m in a book club, I’m president of  Seattle AmeriCorps Alums, I’m doing 5k’s about once a month.

The thing that frustrates me the most at times, is that I don’t have any friends or family that I’ve had history with. Sometimes, it’d be nice to be able to meet with an old friend/family to talk about life back in the day. There’s just something about having old friends. They really are special people to have in your life. However though, the great thing about this, is since I’m constantly meeting new people, there’s a good chance that I’ll meet people that will become old friends, and 5, 10, 15 years down the road, we can talk about life back in the day in Seattle.


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