One Week Down

Today marks one day down on my training for the big race. Last week was my first week, and while I got my 5 workouts in, they weren’t as intense as I would have like.  However, that’s fine, as my biggest goal was to get back into the swing of doing 5 workouts a week. I’ve been running a few different routes around my neighborhood and have also been doing a couple of workout videos as my cross training.

This week, I’ve been going more intense with my workouts and taking fewer breaks during my runs and tackling more hills. I’ve also been doing lots of squats and lunges with my cross training. Needless to say, my legs are killing me.

Here’s my workout plan for this week:


Monday-Crosstrain-Workout Video

Tuesday-2 mile run


Thursday-2 mile run


Saturday-2.5 mile run

Sunday- 45 minute walk with LOTS of hills

What’s your workout schedule for this week?


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  1. Jen


    Have you ever heard of CrossFit? Guess it’s the new craze! I’m sure there are plenty of CrossFit gyms in Seatle. It’s about a 20 minute workout, but it’s insane and intense! It helps built your core and strength. YouTube some of it. Insane!

    I have been addicted to Turbo Kick for probably 2 years now. It’s a combination of kicking and punching that is choreographed to music. It can be a bit dancy, but you also have to have some rhythm.

    Are you a member of a gym? That is one great way to meet lots of people!

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