Life is Good

This weekend was another whirlwind weekend here in Seattle. I’m still trying to do catch up posts from the last month or so. I’m not helping myself out either by continuing to do things to write about. Last weekend was busy and this week has been jam packed with ANOTHER Mariners game, training, general work, and service project planning. This weekend included an AmeriCorps Alums service project, an outdoor movie screening, and apartment organization. With some Olympics viewing and soaking up Vitamin D in between. Posts on all these fun activities will be coming over the next week, but for now, I want to fill you in on last Sunday!

Last Sunday I put on my fancy pants and headed over to Kirkland to attend an event called “Kirkland Uncorked”. This is an annual wine tasting festival held every summer that features wine from all over the state of Washington, free food from local restaurants, and live music. I went with a few girls I know and we all had a fun time, even though the Seattle weather didn’t cooperate. We had grey skies, a chance of rain, and chilly weather, but we survived!

Anyway, with your admission you got a souvenir glass and 10 tokens for pours. Each vendor was giving out one ounce pours, and each pour was usually 1 to 2 tokens depending on how fancy the wine was. In the end, it was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The event was held right along the harbor, but as you can tell, the weather wasn’t too great!

Maybe one day I’ll own a boat. Seattle would be a boat owner’s paradise!

Tasting glass. The white line was to show the wine pourers how much was one ounce

The music Main Stage


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