Seattle Sounders FC vs. Chelsea FC

Last Wednesday night, I headed over to the Clink, or Century Link Field, to check out the Seattle Sounders. The Seattle Sounders are Seattle’s professional soccer team, and people in Seattle LOVE the Sounders. If you walk towards the stadium district downtown on game day you will see a mass of green. The game was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. The Sounders have a brass band that does a concert outside the stadium before the game and then during the game they sit and play in their own section. The only way that I can describe being inside the Clink for the game is to compare it to the scenes in the Harry Potter movies where they are at the Quidditch World Cup and all the fans have flags and scarves for their teams and also sing songs related to their country. Soccer has all of that also. Each seat has a flag waiting for you to waive during the game, and each team also has its own custom team scarf that people wear and also hold in the air during the game. Throughout the stands there a giant flags waiving in support of the Sounders, and in the special supporters section, they are on their feet singing, jumping and chanting the entire game. Overall, it was a really cool experience and I can’t wait to go back. After American Football, MLS Soccer is my new favorite sport and the Seattle Sounders are my team! Check out some pics from the game below.




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