Exploring Myriad Botanical Gardens-Oklahoma City, OK

A few weeks ago, I had the treat of visiting Oklahoma City, OK. On my last day there, I met up with my friends Phil and Suze to get lunch, explore the city and see the OKC Bombing Memorial. After lunch, we set out for the OKC Bombing memorial, which Phil said was “on the other side of that building”. Which was technically true, but Suze and I were thinking it was just a few blocks away and we would be fine to walk over even though it was ridiculously hot out. We were wrong. We all got lost, and ended up dehydrated and melting after wandering for about an hour. We did find the memorial eventually, but first, we stumbled upon the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Which were actually really cool and I’d suggest checking them out if you ever make it to OKC.



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3 responses to “Exploring Myriad Botanical Gardens-Oklahoma City, OK

  1. susannah

    Great pics kellie! That was fun but way too hot!

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