Firecracker 5000…Or My First 5k!

July 3, 2012 was a momentous occasion for me. It marked my first 5k, as a “runner”. I definitely had to stop and walk a few parts, but I did run the majority of it, so it counts as running a 5k! The race was really cool, as it started at 11:55pm on July 3 and was designed to ring in the 4th of July in Seattle. There were a lot of people that dressed up in costume with American flags, and just Americana apparel in general. I saw lots of Uncle Sams, Lady Liberty’s, and just plain American. The course was set up in the area known as Seattle Center, SLU, and Lower Queen Anne. We started and finished in a stadium called Memorial Stadium, which is located in Seattle Center. Overall, the course was a little challenging for me. Mainly, because in our running class we only ran around Green Lake which is relatively flat for Seattle, and this course had some hills. Also, the mileage seemed to be off at parts. The one mile marker seemed about right, but the 2 mile marker seemed much longer than a mile and the last mile felt much shorter than a mile. I was talking with some other people who did the race, and they were all in agreement. Overall, this was a really fun race and I can’t wait to do another one soon!

Registration and Check-in under the Space Needle

True story-my chiming tip fell off after the first mile. I guess I didn’t secure it properly. I’m glad I noticed, or else I would have had to pay $35 for losing it!



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3 responses to “Firecracker 5000…Or My First 5k!

  1. WOW -great for you! Can’t believe you ran the 5 K. You go girl!

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