It’s Started! Sort of..

Tonight was my first event as part of Blogher Food 12. I had to attend a volunteer meeting at 4pm at the hotel. While waiting for the event to start, I got to see the sponsors setting up and the attendee bags getting filled. It looked like there is going to be a very large amount of SWAG given away at this event. While at the meeting we talked about our different roles and what to expect. While at  the meeting I also ended up with an extra live blogging assignment as a live blogger had to cancel at the last minute.

I will be blogging the opening session at 8am tomorrow morning, and then a session at 9:45am entitled Pushing Boundaries in Food Blogging. On Saturday I will be live blogging the session Food Techniques From the Pros. They all seem like interesting topics, so I’m pretty pleased with these options! They are having a virtual conference as part of this year’s event which will feature our live blog posts. You can check them out here. My first couple posts should be up by tomorrow afternoon..keep in mind I mean Pacific afternoon and not Eastern afternoon.

Since I’m now live blogging the first session that is also breakfast, I have to be at the hotel early tomorrow to register and get breakfast and ready to live blog. I’ve decided that I’m going to be wildly irresponsible and get a cab so that I don’t have to mess with the bus. Cabs are actually fairly cheap. So it wouldn’t be too much. I’ll see how I’m feeling in the am before making my final verdict.

I’ll try and tweet/instagram a lot tomorrow. You can find me on twitter @explorethefores and on instagram at exploretheforest.

Have a great night everyone!


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