It’s Getting Closer

Blogher Food 2012 is almost here! I’m getting really excited! Tomorrow I am going to my first event for the conference. All volunteers have to attend a volunteer meeting at the hotel tomorrow at 4pm. My adult goal is that I will be able to get up and get to work early enough that I don’t have to use any leave time for this meeting. Although if the 20-something in my wins, I may just have to burn a vacation hour. We’ll see what happens.

After meeting tomorrow, I’m attending the First Thursday Event at the SAM. It sounds really neat. Free museum tour with friends? Yes please! However, since I’m doing that tomorrow, I’m spending tonight getting ready for the conference. I’m getting my twitter/instagram accounts set up/organized and getting my laptop ready to go! One of the tips that they mentioned was to get business cards for your blog to hand out to people. I thought that was a great idea, so I did. Although I didn’t think to put my twitter or instagram info on them, so looks like I’ll be writing it in by hand tonight. FAIL.

I’ve also been looking at my calender and have realized that I am really booked, as in all the way to the 2nd week of July. Holy Cow! Also, if a couple work things pan out, I may be booked through July and August and into September. This prospect is exciting but mildly terrifying! So what’s coming my way you ask? This weekend-blog her, weekend of 6/15 my friend Stassia is visiting, weekend of 6/22 I’ll be in Oklahoma City, weekend of 6/29-bridesmaid’s dress shopping and book club. The biggest upcoming event? 7/3-running my first 5k .

Anyway, I’m off to fix my new blog cards! Night!



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2 responses to “It’s Getting Closer

  1. so what are your twitter and instagram handles? i would like to follow you on this food adventure. 🙂

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