And then there were 7…wait make that 8

Tonight was our fourth week of running class and we went from 20+ people to just 7. It was a little disappointing to see so many people drop out of the class. Especially now that we have built up to the longer runs, which is what everyone wants to do anyway. Tonight, we conquered Greenlake. As in we ran the entire 2.8 miles. We’re AWEsome!! We started out with 7 people, and after our first running break, we started up again and heard someone yell out to us. It was one of our classmates!! She ended up getting out of work late, but didn’t want to miss class, so she just started running around the lake with the hope of finding us. Our band of 7 turned into a band of 8!

Our coach was saying that she’s noticed a lot of people dropping out of the classes halfway through if they bought the class on Groupon. She said she hardly ever has anyone who paid the full price for the class drop out. She’s thinking that people don’t care to pay the half price rate, and then just not come. The class was still $50 even with the groupon. Maybe I’m cheap, but I think that’s worth showing up once a week for 6 weeks for! Also, another random fun fact-our running coach made it into this month’s issue of Runner’s World magazine! How freaking cool is that!! Now I need to go buy a copy.

Anyway, here’s the workout schedule for this week:

Wednesday-cross train. I’ve been going to yoga, but I’m on the fence about it for this week. We’ll see.

Thursday-30 minute jog


Saturday-50 minute walk with hills


Monday-20 minute jog.

What’s your workout plan for this week?


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