Week 3

I’ve survived week three of our running class. Tonight had the worst weather so far as we spent most of the class running in the rain. We did two miles tonight and it was good. It was interesting, because last week about half the class was gone and people had said it was because the weather was so nice. This week about half the class was gone and people said it was because the weather was so bad. I guess you can always blame it on the weather. Even if it’s good or bad!

At class tonight, it was mentioned that as the end of class, the group runs a 5k together. Our class leader said that we’d talk about it next week, so we’ll see what race we do. Our leader is pulling for a race where you dress up on top in business clothes and the bottom you wear running clothes. Then apparently afterwards you just drink beer! I’ll let you know what we decide.

Anyway, here’s the “homework” plan for this week workout wise:

Wednesday-Cross train. I signed up for a 5 week yoga class last week, so I’ll be heading to night two tomorrow!

Thursday-30 minute jog. 5 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking for 30 minutes total

Friday-Happy Hour Wait, I mean off

Saturday-45 minute walk with hills


Monday-20 minute jog with walking breaks

Should be a good week. I should really try and add in get new running shoes and a foam roller to the to do list for workouts this upcoming week. Maybe over the weekend.

What’s your workout schedule for next week looking like?



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2 responses to “Week 3

  1. i’m on week 6.3 of the Couch to 5K program. last night was supposed to be 2.25 miles jogging. it was not. had to walk twice! so the rest of this week is a 2.25 mile do over followed by a 2.5 mile jog [week 7!]. oy.

    on a side note, has anyone in your running club [or even yourself] ever had issues with loss of feeling in their quads while running? i’ve either got a pinched nerve somewhere [unlikely as the feeling comes back as soon as i’m done running] or my muscles are misfiring. i’m just trying to find someone else who suffers from this strangeness…

    • Don’t feel bad about walking breaks. We do walking breaks as part of our runs. Just be glad your out running 2.25 miles! I asked our running coach about the quad issue and she said that she’s never heard anything like that before. Best of luck straightening it out!

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