It’s Hot!

One thing that I wasn’t expecting when moving to the Pacific Northwest was how hot it could be. Temps have been from about 75-80, which honestly isn’t that bad. However, very few places here have air conditioning. Which means lots of sweaty people out and about. ESPECIALLY on the bus. I think those things were designed to not ventilate well. A fan is definitely going to the top of my necessary purchases list!

Tonight was our second night in our 6 week running class. It went really well. We upped our distance from .5 miles to 1.5 miles. One thing I did notice though was that about half the class didn’t come back. Lame. I feel like tonight was going to be our biggest mileage jump, as we are only getting up to a 5k distance which is about 3.2 miles. We have four weeks left, so for the rest of the time we will be doing 2 miles, 2,5 miles, 3 miles, etc..but we will only be going up in increments of probably around a half a mile. However, I’m going to guess that if people didn’t show up tonight, they probably aren’t doing their homework. Which means they will basically be bumping up from .5 miles to 2+ miles. Good luck to them!

Speaking of homework, here’s what’s on the agenda for this week:

Wednesday-Cross Training. I’m planning on trying out a nearby yoga studio for this. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thursday-30 minute jog, with 5 minutes running, 2 minutes walking


Saturday-45 minute walk with BIG hills. Thankfully I have plenty of those close by! Galer Street stairs anyone??


Monday-2o minute brisk walk

That’s what I’ve got on the calendar. What workouts do you have planned for this week?



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4 responses to “It’s Hot!

  1. thesluttyspoon

    We should schedule some workouts together! I can bring a guest in to try my gym for free. I’ve been trying to go 5 days a week and I defs need to work on my running.

  2. thesluttyspoon

    Sure does! I have been doing the 5:45 classes in the mornings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and the 9:45 classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Sunday’s are yoga!

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