I Read A Book

At the beginning of the year, I made a resolution that I would try and read one book a week and I would also give book reviews on them. Well, I’ve been pretty behind on this goal. I think I’m averaging maybe one book a month. If I’m lucky.

I joined a book club, and that is definitely making a difference. However, we have read three books so far, and I haven’t reviewed any of them! I also haven’t reviewed the other books I’ve read either. So tonight, is my first book review in a long time.

The Book: The Magicians, by Lev Grossman.

The story: This book follows a high school senior who discovers that he has magical powers, and instead of going to a regular college, he goes to a college for other magical students. The book is described by many people as Harry Potter for adults. A recurring theme of the book is how the characters react to finding out that they have magical powers at 17/18 as opposed to 8/9/10. The book also follows the characters as they become comfortable with themselves and how they realize that things that always made them outsiders can be attributed to magic. The book follows the characters as they fall in love, go through college, and enter the real world. Or the magical real world. Like any good book with magic, there is the obligatory battle between good and evil. There is also the obligatory unexpected death of one of the main characters. In predictable fashion, the book ends with some of the other characters dealing with their grief over this loss.

Overall Verdict: I liked it. It was an enjoyable book. The book is part of a trilogy. While I liked the book, I also haven’t rushed out to buy the other books in the series. Although I probably will. The book follows a somewhat predictable timeline, but like any good book, everything that happens in this timeline is completely original and unexpected.  So yes, I do recommend it!

Happy Reading!




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2 responses to “I Read A Book

  1. Jen

    Have you read 50 Shares of Grey yet? I got it in the mail today. Figured I would wait and read it during the WDW vacation. I will need some livelyhood after being around disney characters and screaming kids all day.

    • I haven’t! I saw where Liz had started it..I’ve heard about a lot of people loving it, but I haven’t been that interested. You’ll have to let me know how it turns out!

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