A Whirlwind of a Weekend..or Happy 100!!!!

This weekend has  been pretty jam packed. My friends Katie and Brian were in Seattle for a quick stop on Friday night/Saturday morning on their way to Alaska for the summer. We met up at the market, and immediately hit up a local brewery followed by some of the local watering holes before calling it a night and then meeting for breakfast the next morning before they headed out to meet the ferry.  It was a great visit and I’m so happy that I got to see them!! My friend Amanda, who is also on her way to Alaska for the summer, is going to be in Seattle Wednesday night and I can’t wait!! I love seeing old friends!

After breakfast, I did a touristy thing and rode the monorail into downtown! It was actually pretty sweet, and convenient. So much so that I ended up riding it back also.

After I got home, I changed and headed back out again to go to green lake. They have a 2.8 mile trail around the lake, that I did about 4 miles on. The weather was great and the sun was shining. Also, all the cherry blossoms are in bloom here!

Looking up through cherry blossom branches

The water is so clear!

Me before 4 miles. My legs were dead afterwards. Being hungover didn't help.

Afterwards, I headed home exhausted and wrapped up my Saturday by unpacking these bad boys that arrived in the mail.

In other news, this is my 100th post!!! I can’t believe I put up 100 different post in the past year and a half. Geez.


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