Not Doing It

After I got back from Indiana last weekend, I crashed and slept the entire weekend. Therefore, for the past three nights, I’ve been go, go, go as I unpacked, did laundry, cleaned, and got back on my workout schedule. So tonight, I’m not doing anything besides relax. Anytime the phrase “hey you should do…tonight” pops into my head, I’m going to say NOT DOING IT!!!

To celebrate not doing it, I got a manicure afterwork.


Unexpectedly, the first of the five boxes I shipped to Seattle when I was in Indiana arrived today, when I thought of unpacking it, I immediately thought Not Doing It!!



Although the one thing I can’t not do is get the granola bars unstuck from the pan. That I will do.

Have a great night! I’m off to enjoy leftovers and a night full of hulu/netflix.



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