I Will Not Eat Nerds Jelly Beans, I Will Not Eat Nerds Jelly Beans

I had a mile long to do list for this evening, that including reading my book for this week’s book club, making granola bars and soup for the week, doing laundry, unpacking and other exciting and rewarding tasks. What did I accomplish? Getting in my workout for the day, going to the grocery store, and making a bet with a friend that I could get 100 people to like a Facebook status so that they would be forced to make a rap video. I’d call that a win. Also if you could, please like my Facebook status about said rap video. I need 100 likes.

While at the grocery store, I did fine with not wanting to buy any of the ridiculously marked down Easter candy. Until my eyes spotted the nerds jelly beans marked down to $1.59. I couldn’t help but think to myself, what evil sorcery is this?? That could get delicious nerds candy into brightly colored and highly flavored jelly beans? I knew I was in trouble the minute I put them in my cart. OMG. They are amazing. I’m currently trying to keep from eating the whole bag. It’s a good thing I have a 6:15am workout scheduled to work off the half of the bag that I’ve already downed.

In other non-Nerds Jelly Beans related news, I finally got Instagram as they have made an Android app for it. Overall, I think I like it, even if it is a little cheesy and loses its originality when everyone and their mother has it. However, it’s also fun! Check out some of my altered pics below.

An artsy instagramed pen


I’m only slightly creeper looking in this photo.


Night, night! I’m off to finally start my book club book for Sunday! It’s the Glass Castle.


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