Back Home Again In Indiana

Spring has finally sprung! In the case of Indiana, it sounds like they went straight from Fall to Spring, with barely any winter between. I ended up travelling home unexpectedly last week and was shocked with how warm it was. Then because everything was in bloom, after two days at home, my sinuses hit hard. It was bad enough being there for two funerals, but having a sinus infection that completely knocked me out since last Sunday? Worst.Trip.Ever.

I started to fill a little better last Thursday once my meds kicked in, but I was still out of it. I had lunch with my Dad and his GF, along with my sis and her fiancée. However I was so drugged up I barely remember it. Thursday night, my mom and I went to see the Hunger Games. It was great!

Friday afternoon I hung out with my mom and niece. After mailing some boxes, we had lunch at the Olive Garden. I know, it’s not authentic, it comes prepackaged and frozen, and all the other complaints that foodies can come up for it, but it’s still delicious. After that, we spent the afternoon baking cookies, dying Easter eggs, and general nonsense, before our family Easter cookout. It was nice.

Saturday I got back to Seattle, and crashed. HARD. I slept for 18 hours of a 21 hour period. However, I feel relaxed now!

Now I’m just unpacking, making a grocery list, and getting ready to head back to work in the am.


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