Home Brew

My cold is still kicking my butt. I was feeling better yesterday, so I attempted my weekly trip to the grocery store to pick up food for the week and also some OTC meds. I realized that I really did have a cold, when I was completely worn out after being at the grocery store for 10 minutes. In awesome grocery news, I saved $30 off my bill with my QFC card  and got a $25 credit for transferring a prescription to the pharmacy at my grocery store. I would have appreciated the credit (which I didn’t know I would get), before checking out, but hey I’ll just use it on my next trip. 

When I got home I think I was still in denial that I was sick. I proceeded to rearrange my room and organize my closet. Exciting I know. I also spent all of yesterday sucking down Gypsy Cold Care Tea. I found out about this stuff last year, and it definitely helps. I’ve been brewing it nonstop since I got back from the grocery store.

The exhaustion has finally set in, as all I want to do today is sleep, but I’m fighting it. I want to be able to sleep tonight. Which means I’m going to have an early bed time! Yay going to bed at the same time as a 2nd grader. Wish me luck as I brave the land of the living again tomorrow. Until then my butt’s on the couch watching Pirates of the Caribbean. 


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