Stuck on the Couch

What a week. It’s been interesting to say the least. Now I’m ending it stuck on the couch as I’ve gotten a cold. I hate colds. They always seem to trick me into think I’m not actually sick. This is because while sitting on the couch doing nothing, I feel fine (minus the sore throat) but as soon as I try to do something I get really tired and reminded I’m sick. 

Anyway, what was I saying about interesting week??? Well, let me explain. It all started on Sunday. I had plans to go to Buckleys in Belltown to watch the IU/Purdue game with the Seattle IU Alumni Association. I had to leave after the first half to walk around the corner to the Belltown Pub for the first meeting of my new bookclub. I walk into the pub and am immediately swallowed into a sea of black and gold. The Purdue Alumni Association meets there for their game watches. Of all the bars in this city, IU and Purdue choose to do game watches at bars that are literally less than two minutes from each other. Go figure.

The next interesting thing happened on Wednesday evening. I headed out for a walk, and as I left I saw my bus pass that I had sat on my table when I came home. I have a key chain card holder that’s my designated spot for my bus pass. As I was heading out, I told myself to put my bus pass where it’s supposed to go so it doesn’t get lost. Of course, I realized at 10:30pm as I was going to bed that my bus pass had fallen out and was lost. Isn’t it ironic that I put it away so it wouldn’t get lost, and due to this it got lost??? Thankfully I got an email Thursday afternoon that it had been found, so hopefully I get it back soon. Til then I’m stuck paying for the bus. 

I’ve ended my week with a cold. I left work early on Thursday with plans to go back in this morning, so I didn’t take anything home with me. I would also like to note that I was thinking clearly due to my OTC cold medicine! Anyway, I woke up at 7 this morning and knew that I wasn’t going anywhere. I took the morning off and teleworked for the afternoon. Thankfully I had a couple conference calls to kill the time, because I didn’t have anything I needed to do some projects. So now I’m stuck on the couch hoping to feel well enough to get groceries in the am.

Have a happy weekend!



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5 responses to “Stuck on the Couch

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  2. Laura

    Bet the iu group was a lot happier than the purdue group!

    • Yep! They went all out! I sat and chatted with the IU women’s soccer coach’s wife the whole first half. They even had an IU raffle, but I had to leave before it started.

  3. Jen

    So, how did the book club turn out?

    • It went great! My year in Lafayette paid off as I was able to blend in with the Purdue folks and celebrate an IU win without being detected. Sounds like life has been pretty crazy in Indiana with all the storms!!!

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