It Never Got Weird Enough for Me

When I was in Portland I purchased the book GONZO Hunter S. Thompson while at Powell’s Book. I knew I had to have the book the moment I saw it. The book is an obnoxious bright blue with bright orange writing. The book is a collection of quotes from Mr.Thompson and his personal photos from the Air Force Days up until his death. No, it’s not an actual book that you read, but it was amazing to see the man behind the man. For all the drug use, alcoholism and ridiculousness, you can’t help but admire Mr. Thompson. Even with all those vices, he lived life on his terms and didn’t care about what was normal. Looking at this book, it looks like he had a hell of a time. If I live my life with half as much passion and eccentricity as he did, I’ll die a happy woman.

A quote from the book that I feel sums up the Gonzo way of life:

My life has been the polar opposite of safe, but I am proud of it and so is my son, and that is good enough for me. I would do it all over again without changing the beat, although I have never recommended it to others. That would be cruel and irresponsible and wrong, I think, and I am none of those.

From Kingdom of Fear, Memo from the Sports Desk, 2003.

So Gonzo-you’re a favorite.


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