Exploring the Pacific Science Center

Last Sunday, I went with one of my friends from high school and her kiddos to the Pacific Science Center. When I’m in Indiana, I always take my niece to Wonderlab and let her run wild. This place was like Wonderlab on crack. I’m gonna have to convince my sister, her fiancee and the kiddo to come out. She’d flip! My friend has two boys and they were cute. It was the first time I’d ever met them. We played the slugbug game and they told me all about how they close their own doors in the van and all the other big kid stuff that they can do.

Anyway, back to the Pacific Science Center. This place was pretty sweet. They have a butterfly house which was really neat. I had a butterfly land on my head which the boys thought was pretty awesome. They also had these huge animatronic dinosaurs which were pretty cool. Basically, I wish I could have gone here when I was a kid. Anyway, if you’ve read many of these exploring posts, you know what’s next..check out the photos below!

I have a big head and small arms...my life sucks

I imagine that these guys were the pokey puppies of the dinosaur world. I want one.

The world. Or a floating globe. It was pretty cool no matter what you call it.

For some reason I imagine this guy as being a shady dude that sells cigarettes to kids. Was that from a movie or do I just have an overly imaginative imagination??

There's a butterfly on my head. Also, I hope you enjoy my emo photo set up.

looks delicious!

boa constrictor!!!!!

giant rubik's cube!!




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