Exploring the EMP Museum

A couple weekends ago I took advantage of having a three day weekend by checking out the EMP museum here in Seattle. The museum focuses on science fiction and music history. The museum is full of different musical instruments, oral histories, and science fiction memorabilia. Where else are you going to find Jimi Hendrix’s journal, Nirvana’s old home photos, the oral history of different music legends,  and horror movie paraphernalia all in one space? I splurged and paid an extra $3 for the audio tour, and it was totally worth it. The tour comes on an ipod that you check out and then turn back in once you are finished. I highly recommend the museum to anyone coming to Seattle! Check out some of my pics below.

Yes, that's exactly what it looks like!

The Boys of Nirvana. They had a huge Nirvana exhibit and I was beside myself with glee!

Nirvana's checkbook

Nirvana Unplugged

This was in the oral history room. I'm also slightly obsessed with Run DMC

My audio guide. Well worth the $3. If only I could have kept it!

Jimi Hendrix's journal

Part of the Can't Look Away exhibit. It was all on horror movies

I think this was a sign from An American Werewolf in London


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