Good Dog Carl

I stole the name of this post from the children’s book “Good Dog Carl” which happens to be one of Kia’s favorite books. I used the name, because last weekend I did something I’ve never done before. I went to a book signing. A couple weeks ago I saw a sign in a book store window that the author of this book series and the dog Carl would be at the bookstore this past Saturday. I decided to go and get a signed copy to surprise Kia since it’s her favorite book. The signing started with a few words by the author and lots of tricks by Carl for all the kids. It was neat to see, but I was definitely ready to get out of there as I was the ONLY person there without a child. Of course the only empty seat was in the back corner so I looked even more like a creeper. Awesome.

I actually went with Carl's Snowy Afternoon since it was the newest in the series and I could get it as a first edition for the same price as Good Dog Carl. Signed first edition???? Kia better love it!

I spent the rest of my weekend finding somewhere to live and it was a success! I finally found an apartment. Sweet! It’s in the neighborhood of Queen Anne and has sweet views of the Space Needle, Downtown Seattle, and Lake Union. I’m excited to move in!

Another exciting aspect of the weekend was meeting a friend of a friend and going out! Finally doing something social sweet!

And the sweetest part of the weekend? IU finally got their act together and one a game! No more losing! I don’t like it!


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