Stir Crazy

Today, Snowmaggedon relented and turned to rain to melt everything away. I was actually able to get out Thursday night to run to the grocery store and the roads weren’t bad. I left tonight to go look at an apartment and they were actually worse. I slid a few times in the neighborhood and didn’t experience that Thursday. I noticed that the city has done nothing to clear our neighborhood. They just put up a sign to tell people that the neighborhood is closed. Of course everyone ignores it.

Without having to get up as early to take the bus into work, I’ve caught up on sleep. Which explains why it’s 2am and I can’t sleep. Boo. By 5pm today I was ready to leave the house. I was only gone for about 30 minutes Thursday to go to the grocery, so tonight I decided to use my planned meal out in the Eat in More Month challenge. I’ve definitely noticed that my wallet is heavier since I’ve started this challenge. Saweeeetttt!  I settled on getting a burger, because they are my favorite, and Seattle is known for burgers. I went to the Red Mill Totem House, because I’ve read lots of rave reviews. I was excited because when I looked at the menu, they had home made arnold palmers or  as the called them Jimmy Hendrix. Fun fact, Arnold Palmers are my favorite drink.  Anyway, I got my food which was delish and then about 30 minutes later…I got sick. Again. This happened last time I got a burger in Seattle. Could it be that I’m in burger lover’s heaven, but yet my body is rejecting the burger???? Is it time to move on and find a new favorite food??? Say it isn’t so!!!

Anyway, my laptop battery is about to die and I have a full schedule for tomorrow. Including planning out my Food Blogger for a Week plan as part of Eat in More Month. Stay tuned for more deets!


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  1. Are burgers the only food making you sick?

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