Something Blue-Guilty Pleasure Favorite

Last week I finished reading the book Something Blue. This is the sequel to the book Something Borrowed. Both books are definitely what you would consider “chick lit”. I’m not usually in the mood for these types of books, but I made an exception for both and enjoyed both. Neither one is too tricky to read and are good to pass the time on flights or any other time you have a large chunk of downtime.

Both books center around two best friends, Rachel and Darcy. Something Borrowed is from Rachel’s point of view and describes everything leading up to Darcy’s wedding. Something Blue rehashes Something Borrowed from Darcy’s point of view so that you see both sides of the story and get both characters reasoning for what happened in both books.

The stories follow a fairly predictable outline. Rachel and Darcy are best friends. Darcy’s getting married to a man Rachel is secretly in love with. Rachel and Darcy’s fiancee realize they have feelings for each other…yada, yada, yada. Until the end when Darcy jumps in with her own plot twist. That sets the stage for the whole second book, Something Blue.

So, final verdict-Guilty Pleasure Favorite.


And even more literary sweetness?  Check out my haul from the local goodwill store. All these books for a  buck each. Super Score!

Also, the dog i’m dog/house sitting for wanted to get in a shot with the books!


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