Sleeping the Weekend Away

I’ve got a three day weekend and instead of getting much accomplished or checking anything out..i’ve slept it away. I’ve been drained since Thursday. I’m just trying to adjust to a new schedule/city/time zone/and life. Things are still going well, it’s just A LOT to adjust to. The biggest and most frustrating thing on my plate has been trying to find somewhere to live. It’s frustrating emailing about places and not hearing back, or making the trek to check out a place and it’s a dud. I checked out a place this weekend that I really liked. Now I just have to wait and see if they like me. I’ve got another place to check out/interview at tomorrow and just sent emails to 16 different places. So hopefully one of them works out.

So far Eat In More Month is going really well. It’s definitely been difficult in spots. Mainly when I’m leaving work and getting on the bus for 50 minutes. I always seem to be starving then, but as soon as I get home I’m fine. I think it’s just being tired and having nothing to do. Due to some upcoming/unexpected happenings I’m going to have to adjust my “rules” but not too much. I just have to give myself two, maybe three, allowances for meals. I’m meeting a high school friend for lunch in the city tomorrow and then I have two upcoming meetings after work that I’m not going to get home until at least 8pm so I’m going to allow myself to grab something when i’m out. I’m keeping the same rules and still have one planned meal out. I’m working on logistics, but I’m gonna make it a good one!

Anyway, I’m off to finish up my Sunday to do list before settling in to watch a movie and Once  Upon A Time. Thankfully I can sleep in tomorrow too since I have MLK day off!


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