Trying sometuing new!!!!

Greetings! This post comes to you via my phone! I got the wordpress app and now I can use my bus ride home to make a post. How cool is that??? I’m still getting used to a touchscreen so hopefully I.won’t make too many mistakes.

Now into my rules for the eat in more month challenge!
1. Food may only be purchased at the grocery store.
2. No eating between meals.
3. One of my.coworkers has mentioned 3 places nearby she wants to take me to lunch. So if she wants to go out once a week and is the one to ask I can go.
4. I  get one planned out meal not to be used before Jan20.
5. I get one random meal out. Which was used yesterday due to a lunch tragedy. So thats used up.

That’s all! Wish me luck!


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