Friday After Work

Since I had no plans and  I had a sight seeing  book, I looked up something relatively close by and settled on the Westlake Center since I needed to get a pair of black flats to replace the boots that were close to being destroyed and my other black flats I’m not even going to attempt to wear.  The Westlake Center was pretty cool to look at and it was nice to discover that it was close by. While not a full fledged mall, it did have a Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Old Navy and Gap. All of these stores  were in the surrounding area as it is set up as more of a big open air market place than a typical mall. They also had cool fountains and pretty trees with lights on them. And as for said shoes, I managed to get them and five shirts from Old Navy for $40. Not  too shabby. Check out some of the picks of Westlake Center below

Passed up a sign for $5 margs..I think I found a new tradition. This place made the margs frozen with Tequila and then poured more on top for good measure..It was strong!


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