Exploring the Nordic Heritage Center

On Saturday I decided to go to the Nordic Heritage Center since it was close by and cheap. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a cool place. The museum has  three floors which all have different themes. The first floor is about life in the “Old Country”, why people decided to immigrate, and what life was like for them in the US. The second floor had exhibits of folk art, and then also two special collections. The first special collection was on Josef Frank  He was an architect and textile designer. They had many tapestries of fabrics that he created hanging in the exhibit and I loved them all. I had no idea who this man was and now I can officially say I love his textiles. Lol. The second special collection was on Amundsens South Pole Expedition. This exhibit was really neat because they had old lantern slide images and diary entries that you could read and learn about the expedition, and then they had a video that was actually made with the lantern slides on the expedition. How cool is that???

The third floor of the muesuem featured rooms on all of the Nordic Countries and their heritage. Check out some of my photos below!

Typical Muesuem Type Display from the First Floor

Obligatory shot of creepy muesuem wax figures

Really cool lamp that I later discovered is from Ikea. I.WANT.IT!

The next few photos are all of different textiles from the Josef Frank exhibit

Troll!!! Murhur!!!


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