Day 2..and Resolution 3

I’ll have to make this post short and sweet as my night is running away from me. Today was much less eventful in riding public transit, but I have now realized that I need new shoes. I’m pretty sure the boots I wore today are now ruined.  I’m seeing lots of leather, due to water proofing, and lots of flats. Definitely NO SUEDE, and of course all my nicer shoes are suede..

In awesome news though, the place I work for has commuter benefits. This basically means that I don’t have to pay anything to ride the bus. Which means almost an extra $150 I don’t have to spend every month on transportation.  Hello savings account!

Now, onto resolution three. Travel Far!!! I came up with this idea last summer when I decided to start saving money and however much I had saved up in my travel fund by my birthday I would use to take a trip. At that time I was assuming that I would be on the eastern half of the country and was secretly thinking maybe Morrocco. However now that I am on the west coast, my idea of where has changed. Big time. Mainly for the fact that I can’t drive home and know that I will probably try to go home a few times, so most of my travel will be in the local area. But I’m okay with that. I’m also sure I will make it to Canada. This morning my boss walked in with a ferry schedule and told me that I had to go to Canada because it’s so close. Also, there’s a three hour train to Vancouver from Seattle. That could be a sweet trip. So there you go, resolution three!



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3 responses to “Day 2..and Resolution 3

  1. Katie

    You should put Victoria on the list of places you need to visit! I liked it a lot more than Vancouver. It feels like England and not Canada. I believe there is an express fairy from Seattle to Victoria but might be pricey. But both citys are very cool in their own right non the less 🙂

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