Adventures in Public Transit..or My First Day of Work

Today marked my first day of work and like planned I rode the bus to the office. Being a responsible adult, I went online and used the metro trip planner tool and made sure to write down where to get off and made sure that I had exact change for the bus. That was about all that happened according to plan. By following the suggestion of the online trip planner, I ended up getting off the bus 1.8 miles from the office because that’s where it said to get off at. Then I also realized that I had thought the bus was going to be $2.25 because that’s what it was when I did my practice run, however I forgot that during peak times the bus fare is $2.5o. So keep all this in mind as I explain what happens next.

1. I realize that it’s way too far to walk in the shoes that I have on.

2. I realize that I am short $.05 to make exact fare for the bus. I have extra dimes, and pennies but no quarters or nickels.

3. I have to get further downtown to get to work.

So what do I do??? I look at the bus board and see that there is a bus that goes downtown, via 3rd street which is what I need that should arrive in seven minutes. Also, I have a $5 bill along with said extra change and because it’s Seattle, there is a coffee shop RIGHT WHERE I’M STANDING. So I go in, buy the cheapest thing on the menu and get lots of quarters, nickels and dimes for change. Next step, get on said bus and make it to the office at exactly 9am. Which is when I was supposed to be there.

However, the fun’s not over yet. I still have to go through a security checkpoint, and of course my shoes have to set it off so I must get them scanned. When I look at the board of where the offices are I see a three in front of our office and immediately think third floor. I go to the elevator, get in, go to press three and then realize..I can’t. The building is so tall that they have different elevators for different sets of floors. I switch elevators, go to the third floor…and the office isn’t there. I then realize that it’s not the third floor I need but the 31st floor. Which means that I have to go back to the other elevator and then go up to the 31st floor.

You would think that this would make my day interesting enough, but no it gets better. Apparently all computers have to come from DC. The office put in a request for my computer over a week ago, and well within the required timeline, but alas the computer hasn’t arrived. It was blamed on the holiday. Then later in the day we find out that instead of tomorrow, it has another glitch, so it will be arriving on Thursday. So what have I been doing?? A lot of reading and other random things.

While this made for an adventurous day, there were also some pretty cool things that I found out.

1. I think I’m going to like this job.

2. The office is laid back and my coworkers are nice. When I asked what time to be in tomorrow, I was told whenever I wanted. Sweet!

3. Their is a cafeteria in the building.

4. Their is a free gym in the building.

5. A couple times in the summer the office walks to the baseball stadium and goes to a Mariners game for the afternoon.

6. During the summer, every Friday the office goes to a concert downtown over the lunch break.

7. Best of all, everything I’ve done the past three years is going to come in handy.

Oh, and did I mention the view???? Check it out!


I’ll try and get a shot of Puget Sound in the am!




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