Terror..or Resolution Number 2

So, now that I have resolution number one outlined, it’s time for resolution number two. Do one thing a month that TERRIFIES me. For instance, for the month of January I am completely starting over in Seattle, 2300 miles from home. I don’t know if terrifying is the right word to describe this, but it goes with the gist of this goal.

The idea behind this is to force me to step out of my COMFORT ZONE and enter into new experiences. I believe that life is the greatest teacher and what better way to learn something new than to do something that completely terrifies you?

In other news, today was my last day of FUNemployment and tomorrow I join the work force. I don’t rejoin the work force, I join it. After three years of doing AmeriCorps I am now going to be working in an office and making real money, not AmeriMoney, and have grown up responsibilities. Like paying for insurance, and rent. Fun fact, I haven’t paid rent for 15 months. I guess it was nice while it lasted.



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2 responses to “Terror..or Resolution Number 2

  1. Jolene

    Good luck in Seattle! you will do just fine!