2012. Day One

Happy 2012! I was pretty lame last night, and tired, and was in bed before midnight. I was awoken to loud booms outside the house. When I went to investigate, I discovered FIREWORKS!!! I could barely make them out between/over the trees ,but it was still pretty cool to see.

I spent my New Years Day watching dvr’d episodes of True Blood before heading over to the mall and Target. I went to Macy’s for foundation and when the lady was finding my shade, she couldn’t stop commenting on how pale I was. I think she meant it as a compliment? At least, that’s how I’m going to take. Or maybe she was insanely jealous. I mean who wouldn’t want to be as pale as they come?

With the New Year comes resolutions, and I hopped on the early resolution train and made mine at the beginning of December. I’ve made a few resolutions that I’ll share over the next few days. The first? Blog Baby Blog. No, that doesn’t mean I want to blog, have a baby, and blog. It means that I want to develop the heck out of this blog and look into/get  sponsored. What does that mean? I could get PAID to do something I like. SaWeeT!

Well I’m off to watch Twilight.

Or do a little late night yoga before reading then bed. I’m currently reading The Three Musketeers. Yeah, the OLD one.

Sweet dreams, I’m getting ready to enjoy my last day of FUNemployment!


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