For Purple Mountains Majesties

I made it to Seattle nice and easy. Minus a very LONG and TIRING day, the trip went smoothly. I didn’t have any problems at any airports and made it to Seattle on time. I flew Southwest, and paid an extra twenty bucks for the business class. Southwest doesn’t really have first or business class, you just get to pick your seat before most people are allowed to board. If you are as tall as I am, this is awesome. Even better, my flight from Vegas to Seattle, I got to sit in an exit row that didn’t have a seat in front of it. I didn’t even know they had that! SCORE!

So much leg room!

Can you tell how gross and exhausted I am at this point? Only one hour to Seattle!

The best part of the trip was flying from Indianapolis to Vegas. Looking out the window, I saw some of the coolest geography I’ve seen in a long time. Check out some of the scenery below.



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