We Had Joy, We Had Fun, We Had Seasons in the Sun

I could have also titled this post, I SOLD MY CAR! This was a big deal for me, as I LOVED my car. Towards the end it was dying a slow, slow painful death but I still loved it. I got it my sophomore year of college and drove it to Big Bend National Park in Texas for an internship and when I left there I traveled all the way to Acadia National Park and other places in between. I covered a lot of land, and three countries!, in that car and had a lot of memories. IF it would have made it, I would have tried to take it with me to Seattle, but it was time to move on.

The Hot Box ❤

I’ve been going through at weird transition as I’m adjusting out of the AmeriLife and into the “Real World” and for me, selling “The Hotbox” as I lovingly called it, really did mark the end of this chapter in my life.  However, I have a new exciting chapter to look forward to and I can’t wait! I leave in 9 days and have a lot of work left to do!



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