Once again, as it has for the past three years, November has been month of change for me. Some changes were exciting, while others were not so exciting. December always turned into the waiting month, and January was always the month of excitement, because for the past three years, the new year has always signaled a new adventure for me. This is true for this year, but my next adventure is going to  be a little different than my ones in the past.

In the past I always had some type of employment to look forward to starting in January, but this year things are different. My current plan is to try and get a seasonal job at a store or restaurant in town and then….move to Washington DC! I’m hoping to go around the end of January. I have four friends that I worked with this past year and we are all hoping to make it there and get an apartment together.

Until then, I’m just trying to keep myself busy and be as frugal as possible. This means lots of reading and other free or super cheap things to keep me occupied. It also means that I will FINALLY get around to doing all the blog posts that I have had in mind for the past SEVEN weeks. I’ve been a huge slacker in the blog department.


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