Home Sweet Home..well for 8 weeks anyway!

For our fourth round project, we FINALLY get good housing. No more sleeping in abandoned nursing homes/mental institutions, churches, open rooms that have to look like no one was there by 715 am, or crazy camps. Instead, we finally get too sleep in a house.  A real house. Granted we don’t have beds, just mattresses on the floor, but this is the first for the year for us. We’re beyond excited. And we live in a nice, safe, quiet neighborhood. So without further delays, come and step inside the Super 7 Lair!

view from the curb

the sitting room

A TV! With CABLE! Really, it's all about the little things in life...LOL

Stairs to the upstairs

Stairs to the basement/laundry room/troll nest

Kitchen..it's pretty clean, hard to believe that 7 people use it!

Our lovely back yard


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