My Birthday Weekend

Luckily for me, my birthday weekend landed on our fall break, and even better I had a ton of cool people to spend it with. I spent last Thursday at the local watering hole for a “party dress party”. Yes, the theme came up while drinking. Basically everyone wore party dresses (or were highly encouraged to) and the plan was to drink. But not too much as we had an early morning the next day. After the bars, we went home and one of my friends made me an AMAZING funfetti cake and I opened my presents. And boy were they sweet presents. I got a ball, rubber snake, squirt gun, temporary dinosaur tatoos, gliders, a stuffed raccoon, fake lottery tickets, a pin the tail on the donkey game, and a twilight board game. It was pretty epic.

The next morning, we got up way to early to drive 2 hours to launch for a six hour float trip down the Maquoketa River. The float trip was well worth it. Ten bucks to rent a tube to float for six hours. Their were seven of us and we had an awesome time talking, drinking, and just hanging out. It was the most relaxed I’ve been all year. I’m sad we can’t do it again.

The morning after that, we had another early morning as we headed to Iowa City to catch the Iowa Hawkeye’s season opener. We had plans to tailgate all day and enjoy the game atmosphere. However mother nature had different plans and decided to unleash rain on us all day. Therefore festivities were moved to a local bar called the Sports Column that had a good crowd assembled to watch the game.  We stayed for an hour or so and then headed to lunch and our hotel. Due to a hookup one of my friends has, we got a sweet room at the Marriott for free.  It was a tight squeeze with seven people but we made it work.

The next day we got up and explored downtown Iowa City. It’s a cool place, as they have all kinds of neat boutiques, galleries and other things to do. After exploring for a while, we decided to head home, but not before wine tasting! We had a great time tasting all of the wines and learning more about the vineyard we were at.

Once we arrived home, we all decided that it would be a great idea to do a bonfire and go camping. So at 9pm, five of us set out for one last adventure. And what an adventure it was. But now I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep from it!


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