It’s A Zombie Apocalypse. What Did You Expect?

*This happened during our time in Joplin. I’m a little slow in posting!*

For fun, some of us spent three days playing Zombie Apocalypse. How do you play you might wonder? You start off with one Master Zombie who then goes after the humans and converts them to zombies. We played for three days with the last day featuring a final showdown on the hillside that would make Teddy Roosevelt proud. To designate humans and zombies, humans wore bandanas on their arms and zombies wore them on their heads. Their were safe zones marked with blue tape throughout our camp where humans could be without fear of being converted by zombies. If zombies got too close to humans for comfort, humans could throw rolled up socks at the zombie to “stun” the zombie so that the human could get away. I lasted for two days before being converted during a sneak attack by a pair of zombies. I successfully stunned the first zombie, and then was converted by it’s partner as I was retreating. Epic fail on my part. Check out some of the photos below.

Me after I was eaten by a zombie..i've lost all human feeling and emotion.

One of the few safe zones at the camp


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