Is This Real Life?!

At the end of our project in Joplin, all AmeriCorps teams were asked to participate in an event at the Chiefs/Rams preseason game that was designed to recognize Joplin and the work of all volunteers at the game.  The AmeriCorps teams were chosen to participate in the pre game ceremonies by taking the flag out onto the field for the national anthem. Before the game we participated in a tailgate event put on by the Chiefs for all the people attending the game from Joplin. Following the pre game ceremonies, the Chiefs provided us with AMAZING seats for the game. Throughout this whole experience people in our group kept say “IS THIS REAL LIFE?!” it was amazing to go on the field in the players entrance, walking past the locker room, and coming out onto the field at the start of the game with people in the stands.

At the start of the anthem

Our Tickets!

The players were so close

View from my seat

Enjoying the game!

Chiefs Touchdown! So Fun!


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