Capture the Flag and Piñata Party????!

One of the most fun  parts of the program is the day that you receive the phone call that tells you of your next round project. What’s even more fun than that? Thinking of a way to torture your team as they try and figure out what the project is. Could I just tell them? Yes. Is that as fun as making them do scavenger hunts, puzzles, easter egg hunts, etc..? NO!

In honor of our LAST project reveal I worked with two other leaders inJoplinwith  we created an EPIC project reveal.

Me looking nasty as I set up the events

We started with a game of capture the flag with 300 water balloons turned in. After capturing a flag, a team was given a clue to where they would find the next clue. In this case, the teams had to run into the woods and find their teams piñata to get the last clue. The final clue led the team back to the ponds, where the clues had been sunken and the teams had to search the pond at night time to find out where they were going. BUT there’s more, because I decided to make an additional puzzle for my team to complete before they found out where they were going. Once the team figured out the puzzle, they learned where we were going.

The Field is Lit and Ready

Two of the Pinatas. It was dark when they went back to find them!

This is where I sunk my project info. They had to find this in the dark with no flashlights.

So where are we going?

ColumbusOhioto work with Habitat for Humanity for eight weeks. Then back to campus after to finish out this year. Where has the time gone?


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