I Am Joplin

Yesterday was my day off, but I still went to  work at 4 to help with an event called I am Joplin. I am Joplin was designed as a kick off for back to school and a memorial to the teachers and students that were lost in the storm.

A Small Portion of the Crowd

The event was sponsored by many organizations and Wal- Mart. Wal-Mart gave out free school supplies and other items to survivors. The event had booths from non profits that are providing disaster assistance and featured game areas for school aged children. The event  featured a memorial from the tornado and a concert by a “surprise performer”.  With the word surprise performer, the rumor mill started big time in Joplin. Our group was responsible for parking cars and had many people ask if it was true the Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, or the Black Eyed Peas were playing. We had to tell them  no, it was Romance on a Rocketship. Apparently they are local. Working the event made for a long night, but a lot of good was done for the people of Joplin. And we got free shirts.


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