It’s Time For Round 3!

For our 3rd round project my team and I are inRochesterMichigan. We are working with a local stewardship organization to work on removal of an invasive species called black swallowwort. We will be here for 6 weeks. We spent all day Monday traveling fromIowa toMichigan. What was supposed to be a 9 hour drive turned into 12+ with all of our delays and road construction.

On our way out of campus we noticed that our support vehicle brakes were acting up and it was decided that we would switch it out for a different vehicle. We then had to return to campus, unload, reload and head back out again. We made it about two hours before our support vehicle tire pressure warning flashed and we were prompted to check out tire pressure. We then had to pull over and check our tire pressures which were fine. So not quite sure what that was all about. We then made it a few more hours before we got stopped by road construction. This construction took FOREVER. We finally made it through after losing an hour. We got 40 minutes for our destination and then BOOM! Road Construction! AGAIN! Luckily we only had to wait about 10 minutes before we got rolling again.

We finally arrived at our house and we were so happy. The house is completely unfurnished and doesn’t have ac, but we’re making it work. Hopefully it doesn’t get too hot inMichigan. We have a nice huge lot and are completely hidden from the road. We also have a nice trail that runs by the house. My favorite part? The nice open flat area I can use to PT my team. Yes, I just used PT as a verb. Can’t wait for 6am suicides and ultimate. Oh, the good life.


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