The Overlook

In my 200 miles post, I gave an overview of all our projects that we have been working on so far. The project that has stuck the most has been the construction of an overlook along the Maquoketa River on the Jackson County Recreational Trail. We have spent the last four days working on this project, and today we finally finished it! Below are some snapshots of our work in progress and of the completed overlook.

This is a section of the Rec Trail that the overlook is near

This what it looked like at the end of the day yesterday. We had to dig all the holes for it and put up all of the support beams.

This is me digging the hole from hell. All of the holes had to be 4' deep, but this one was on an angle and one side was 4' but the other was only 3' and when you tried to dig it deeper the side kept collapsing.

This was what it looked like at lunch this afternoon. Almost there!

The Finished Project!

Our Team and the people from the Conservation Board on our new overlook!

View of the Maquoketa River from the overlook


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