200 Miles

This post is titled 200 miles because that is how many miles I drove today to see all of the projects that my team has completed during our first spike. What’s a spike? A spike is the term used to describe projects in our program. The name comes from our predecessor, the CCC, which is what they called a project they were working on. Along with spike, we also refer to our projects as rounds. In our program, each team goes on 4 different spikes ranging in length from 6-8 weeks at a time. Usually on spike, you work with one organization the entire time. If you don’t work with that organization the entirety of spike, you have what they call a split round which is where you work with an organization for half of spike and then you work with another organization for the second half.

My team is doing a split round, and  where it gets even more confusing is that within the first half of our first spike we have a split time there too. Does that make sense? Basically we’re staying in the same place, but working with two different groups. Tomorrow marks the last day that we are with the people we have been working with for the last two weeks.   We finished all of our work a day ahead of time, so tomorrow instead of scrambling, we can spend a nice leisurely day clearing trail.

So where does the 200 miles come in? Our projects are spread out in different recreational areas throughout the county we are working in. Today, someone from our main office came to see how we are doing, and wanted to see what we had accomplished on spike. So I drove them around and in the process of getting to all of our different work site, I drove 200 miles. In one day. CRAZY! So, that’s where the name of this post comes from.

At this point, I bet you are interested to see what we’ve been up to, so check out the photos below!

This is a boardwalk that got damaged in a flood. We had to disassemble the boardwalk, move it over and reassemble it. We did 100 feet of repair on it.

This is a ceiling that we put into a picnic shelter.

We put this sign up at a canoe access point along the Maquoketa River.

This is a bulletin board frame that we put up along the Maquoketa River.

This is a 300 foot fence line that we took down an old rusty barb wire fence from, and reinstalled a new non rusty barbed wire fence on.


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